9/16/1860 ~ 5/8/1952





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    Elizabeth Jane Galloway Wareham born 16 Sep 1860 in Jackson Co., Iowa and died 8 May 1952 is buried with her son George Olin Wareham. Buried next to her on the right is her daughter June Wareham Moore and her 2nd husband James Edgar Moore and on the left is her other daughter, Rhoda Wareham Ojers and her husband Fred Arrant Ojers. Also in this same plot is Frank Wareham Moore, son of June and his wife Marjorie Hood of South Dakota.
    Elizabeth was a pioneer woman who travelled by covered wagon with her new husband from Davenport, Iowa to his home in Fergus Co., Montana in 1883. She and her husband were ranchers and she lived in primative housing. She bore 3 sons, George Olin, Frank Ralph and Glenn Galloway, in Montana before moving to Kearney Nebraska around 1889 and then bore 3 more children, Rhoda Elizabeth (Ojers), Clifford Henry Ayers and June Addie (Hummer and Moore). After 1910, the family moved to St Joseph, Missouri where Ayers worked with boilers. He died 14 Oc 1918 after suffering severe burns in a boiler explosion. Elizabeth took her husband back to Kearney, Nebraska to bury him.
    Elizabeth lived in St Joseph until about 1923 when her daughter, June, divorced her 1st husband Eugene T Hummer from Orlando, Florida. While June went to work, she left her 2 year old son Frank Wareham Hummer (Moore) in the care of her mother, Elizabeth from 1923 to 1929. They lived in Bloomington, Illinois with her 2 sisters, Dr. Rhoda Galloway Yolton and June Galloway Reed until June returned with her fiance, James Edgar "Ed" Moore from Haywood Co., North Carolina. June, Ed and Frank travelled from Illinois to Alhambra California with Elizabeth soon arriving by train to live with them. They lived on Date Street around the corner from Granada Park until the death of her son, George Olin in 1939. They then moved into George's boarding house at 403 South Garfield, Alhambra where she lived her final days and died on 8 May 1952 (June and Ed's birthday and their anniversary). The house stayed in the family until 1990 when it was sold. At the time of sale, it was one of 7 Victorian homes left in Alhambra and still exists today.

    Posted over 5 years ago by Jane Moore

  • Small_elizabeth_jane_galloway_0031 Elizabeth Jane Galloway Wareham
    August 25, 2012
  • Biography

    • Children: George Olin, Frank Ralph, Glenn Galloway, Rhoda Elizabeth (Ojers), Clifford Henry, June Addie (Hummer, Moore)
    • Parents: John Galloway and Eliabeth Hall
    • Hobbies: Knitting, crochet
    • Spouse: Ayers Wareham
    • Born in: Jackson County, Iowa
    • Resided in: Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois and California
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Plot Location

  • Section: X
  • Plot: 321
  • Grave: 3


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